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97 Lazy Glen
Old Snowmass
3 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | 14x72 / 1,008 sf | 3,408sf lot

Total HOA dues $333/month includes: HOA Assessment: $150/mo. includes water, sewer, trash pick-up, common area maintenance and snow removal, Special Fire Suppression Assessment: $33/mo. which started in 2013 and will continue for 10 years. Capital Improvement Assessment: $150/mo. will be used for upgrading the sewer system required by the State of Colorado. Dogs are allowed-no reasonable limit on the number of dogs. Cats allowed. Roommates allowed. This 1,280sf (16x80) mobile home (HUD) home has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms with an open concept floor plan. Located on a 3,408sf fenced lot. Home includes stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer, dryer, window coverings and a shed.

2020 Taxes - $992.72

Holy Cross Energy
- Electric
Black Hills Energy - Gas

Living Room
Living Room and Kitchen
Master Bedroom
Middle Bedroom
Bedroom next to Living Room
Left Side of Home

Building setbacks - Side 6', Front - 20', Back - 10' you can ask for a variance on all of this from the Lazy Glen Homeowners Association which may or may not be granted. Carport is allowed up to 300 sq. ft. and is exempt from FAR. Any area in excess of 300 sq. ft. will be included in FAR. Garages are prohibited. Only 1 storage shed shall be allowed and shall not exceed 160 sq. Ft. which shall be included in the total allowable floor area. Additional accessory structures shall be prohibited except for decks. The existing Lazy Glen, 5'x20', common sheds are exempt from floor area calculations. Building height - The maximum building height for principal structures shall be 14 feet to the top of eaves for flat roofs and 18 feet to the midpoint for peaked roofs. The maximum allowable height for accessory structures shall be 10 feet to the top of eaves for flat roofs and 10 feet to roof midpoint for peaked roofs. Basements are prohibited. Crawl spaces shall be limited to a maximum depth of 4 feet below existing grade. If the lot is not in the flood plain, a 4 foot crawl space plus 4 feet of foundation above ground can be built. Replacement homes must meet the following criteria: 1) No mobile homes over ten (10) years old shall be permitted on the property as replacement homes except upon prior written approval of the Board. 2) Electric service must be 100 AMP. 3) Water line service must include a curb box for individual shut-off. 4) Concrete pads on foundations must have footings; 4 foot frost wall on grade beams will be permitted. 5) Must have 2 exit doors with steps, in compliance with County Building Codes. 6) Minimum of one of each fire extinguisher and smoke alarm detector required for each home. 7) Existing sewer line must be fitted with a check value between ground and the home. Storage structures - may not exceed 160 sq. Ft. in size and may not exceed 10 feet in height, whether the roof is flat or peaked. The setback requirement is 10 feet rear and side. They must be located at the rear of the home, or they may be attached to the home provided the common wall is firewall.