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Janet Leaning on Fence

From carving her own path in a field of fresh powder 8,000 feet above sea level to exploring the ocean’s mysteries 100 feet below the surface, there is truly no limit to how far Janet Mitchell will go to pursue her passions in life.

For this driven businesswoman, going above and beyond is more than just a personal philosophy. It’s truly a way of life. In the winter of ‘74, Janet not only discovered the inherent magic of Aspen, but the genuine passion, drive and sense of adventure within herself as well. This spirit is what has allowed her to continually stretch herself both personally and professionally. Indeed, from the moment she moved here, this Roaring Fork Valley resident has dedicated herself to exceeding her own expectations as well as those of the people who put their trust in her.

A Life with No Limit

Nothing captures Janet’s irrepressible spirit more than photography and scuba diving, two of her greatest obsessions in life. Whether it’s immortalizing the picturesque setting of the Roaring Fork Valley in stunning detail through her camera or traveling to Papua New Guinea to experience the dive of her life in the South Pacific, Janet truly lives life with no limits. “I embrace every day as a new learning experience,” says Janet. “I love to grow and experience all that life has to offer, which is why I cherish being able to call Aspen home.”

Blazing New Trails

Janet’s heartfelt belief in personal growth is rivaled only by her deep commitment to professional excellence. As the owner and broker of her own real estate company, Janet has been going above and beyond the expectations of clients for more than 30 years. She’s built her reputation as a consummate professional by never settling for business as usual. Janet doesn’t follow the crowd. She blazes new trails by always looking for new and innovative ways to help people make the most of their real estate opportunities.

The Key to Success

Like any true pioneer, Janet’s key to both her personal and professional success has always been her tenacious drive to succeed. When she sets her mind on a goal, she simply doesn’t stop until she’s achieved it. This steadfast dedication is why she’s become the real estate professional of choice for local residents and the premier resource for out-of-town buyers and sellers alike. Attentive, flawless and always dependable, Janet is committed to protecting your best interests.

Raise Your Expectations

If you’re interested in selling or investing in property in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, raise your expectations and give Janet Mitchell a call. Passionate, caring and always discreet, she is an experienced professional who prides herself on Going Above and Beyond to help her clients achieve their real estate goals.


March 31, 2023

Janet Mitchell came highly recommended as a real estate broker, and she certainly lived up to her reputation.  In that we were selling a relative’s home from another state - potentially a difficult situation. Janet’s professional advice and expertise led to a very quick sale with pleasing results. She was organized and very efficient in her cheerful communication style so that we knew exactly what to expect. She usually preceded her many emails with texts so that we were instantly alerted, knew exactly what to expect, informed in what was taking place, and advised as to what we were to do.  

Janet Mitchell is an exceptional, very qualified and experienced realtor, and we highly recommend her in this position.

Thank you, Janet!
Steve and Lainie Rolzin
Plymouth, Wisconsin


October 17, 2022

Janet Mitchell is widely respected in the Roaring Fork Valley with an expertise in mobile home sales, so when our family needed to sell our tiny little mobile home park, she was our first and only choice to guide us through the challenging process of marketing and selling this commercial real estate parcel.

The commercial real estate sales process was emotionally and intellectually challenging for us, but Janet walked us through the entire process from initial handshakes to the final closing with patience and diligence.

Janet’s unparalleled knowledge of the Roaring Fork Valley real estate market makes her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to buy or sell real estate in Garfield County or any surrounding areas.

Thank you Janet Mitchell.

With respect,
Tim Meehan

December 2021

I have used Janet for real estate sales and transactions for 30 years and have never been disappointed.  Janet is the first realtor I call.  Thank you Janet for consistent and excellent service in the real estate market. 

Tony O'Rourke


September 2, 2021

Janet Mitchell has successfully represented us in four real estate transactions over the past 30 years. She is one of the most committed individuals we’ve encountered in the tasks she undertakes.
As her firm is a boutique organization, you’ll be receiving her personal attention and will never feel like you or your property is just a number in an inventory of real estate listings as is the case with larger firms.
When evaluating real estate agencies in the Roaring Fork Valley, consider speaking with Janet Mitchell before making your final decision.

Paul and Janet Fletcher

April 2021

Janet Mitchell is an excellent real estate agent. She was there for us from the first day until the house sold. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work that she put forth on the sale of my house. It will not be forgotten.

Steve and Ruth Johnson

February 2021

Janet Mitchell made the selling process extremely easy for me. There was zero pressure.

She skillfully guided me through listing, negotiating, and closing. Along the way, my questions were quickly and cheerfully answered. She has excellent knowledge of the local market.

Janet even found a couple of numbers in the closing contract that could have cost me money and she had those corrected.

 Many thanks!

 Frank Hammelbacher


December 2020

Janet was a pleasure to work with.  We had a very unique property that needed just the right buyer.  Janet found the right buyer and took care of every detail from listing to post closing.  She proactively communicated every step of the way, we never had to ask what was going on.  I'm looking forward to working with Janet in the future.

Jesse Biter


August 2020

During the listing and sale of my home, Janet acted professionally at all times. She kept me informed on a regular basis. This even happened during COVID-19  when she couldn’t show property for about a month. I was an appraiser and property tax assessor for over 25 years. I have known many real estate brokers and Janet is by far one of the top 5!

John Ainslie


August 17, 2020

After a year of listing with an international real estate firm and getting very  little attention and no closings, we took our daughter-in-law’s suggestion and listed with Janet. She had  the property sold within a month. Easy transaction and professionally handled.

Thank you, Janet.

Bonnie and Jim Smith


Janet was a pleasure to work with! She was incredibly responsive and great with answering our many questions as first-time homebuyers, and truly made house shopping easier during this crazy time (COVID). She made sure all I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed throughout the shopping and closing processes. I’d definitely recommend her!

Lisa Dabrowski and Rikky Hubbard


October 2019

Janet's many years of professional experience were clearly demonstrated during the entire process of listing and selling my home. I was very impressed with the time and energy she put in to market the home and attract potential buyers. For example, she actively worked with buyers to help them fill out loan application paperwork, which was above and beyond the normal expectations of a realtor's realm of duty. Janet gave me clear expectations as to what repairs needed to be performed prior to listing the home, because she knew what was crucial to a successful marketing campaign to attract the most qualified buyers. It was a pleasure to see color ads in the local paper on a regular basis, and to find top-notch online marketing efforts. Janet worked long hours to accommodate buyers during evenings and weekends.

Harold Maniloff



October 2019

Easy to deal with. Knows her stuff.  Sold our house and helped us to purchase our current lot of which we built our dream house on.  I have recommended her to friends.  She did a stand up job for them.

Harry Mayer


October 3, 2019

Janet Mitchell is a wonderful person and very profressional about her work.  I can trust her anytime.  Any questions you have, she answers them right away.  Amazing soul and personality.

Anna Kaminsky



March 2019

Janet is wonderful to work with. She understood the type of lot we were looking for and she found it for us. She works very hard and is an expert in Roaring Fork real estate.  She will always be our realtor for any properties we purchase.

David Wall


June 2019

Janet is our go to real estate person. She helped us on a couple of different properties. She is dedicated and knowledgeable with a personality that will get stuff done.

John and Tina Crawford


March 2019

Very prompt with a get it done attitude! Purchased two houses and sold one with her. Would definitely use again if we ever sell our current home. Contract was executed smoothly and quickly.

John Hebson


October 2018

As a seller residing in another state, Janet was extremely helpful in coordinating all the details necessary to accomplish the sale of my property.
Her meticulous attention to detail, her knowledge of the real estate business and her willingness to spend an incredible amount of time and energy on this deal was extremely impressive and professional. 

I would highly recommend Janet to anyone who has real estate needs, buying or selling, in or out of state. 

Thank you Janet!

Michelle Rizzuto


July 2018

I’ve done so much already to my new house and it really feels like home. I’m so happy there. My folks are in town and they absolutely love it!

Thank you again for all that you did.

Dana Miraglia


February 4, 2018

We would like to highly recommend that you list or buy with Janet Mitchell.

My husband and I were completely at sea when my sister died in Colorado. We live in Connecticut and I was in charge of settling affairs. I needed to list my sister’s home and sell it as quickly as possible, even though we were thousands of miles away, with someone who cared.

Janet definitely was the best choice we could have made. She pursued possible buyers intensely with careful professionalism, never giving up in the face of setbacks.

We soon had a proper buyer and closed quickly, even as far from Colorado as we were.

Karen and Harry Gambardella


November 2017

Janet Mitchell is truly on of the most diligent people I’ve ever encountered. Thanks again Janet.

John Audo


November 14, 2017

As a first time home buyer who looked for over a year, Janet was very patient and highly attentive, guiding me through all the steps which were completely foreign to this newbie. In addition to well thought out advice about what to look out for both positive and negative in each listing, she also made sure I was well informed through the actual closing process. Her can do attitude, meticulous attention to detail and willingness to work around my work and travel schedule, and budget including putting in an offer over Labor Day weekend. I would highly recommend Janet whether you are a first timer or experienced in real estate. Thank you Janet!

Megan Rainnie


June 2017

"I have worked with Janet for over a year.  She has proven to be one of the most professional, reliable, and detail-oriented people I have ever had the privilege of hiring!  Janet goes above and beyond the call of duty.  I would recommend her all day long."

Tiffany Ernemann


February 2017
I've known Janet for over thirty years. During that time I've shared her name many times saying, "If you want it done two weeks ago, call Janet".

 Dr May Chism-Braselton

February 2017

We just purchased a lot to build our dream home where Janet Mitchell was our real estate agent.  We have been looking for over a year, and within a couple weeks of discovering Janet, were ready to close on a lot.  Her extensive experience and 24/7 attention to detail was beyond any expectations.  We were most greatful for her consideration of our parameters and her willingness to share her vast knowledge of the area.  On the day of the closing, we felt there had been no stones unturned.  As an added bonus, we believe we found a new friend in the valley.

We would highly recommend Janet as a broker no matter whether buying or selling.

Thank you Janet,

Mike and Janet Colleran


February 2017

Thank you so much for selling our home, Janet.  We appreciated how meticulous you were in every detail.  You did justice to both the buyer and seller.  Not only did you meet our whims and wishes but at every step the buyer was also considered.  Thishouse was very special to me and due to all your hard work it went to the perfect family!
Joni Goodwin


January 2017
I recently purchased a property where Janet Mitchell was a Transaction Broker representing both the Buyer and the Seller.  Janet managed to navigate the difficult balance of serving both parties with integrity and paying careful attention to all the details.  Her considerable experience was paramount to executing the due diligence required to effect a sound investment from the initial offer to the closing table.  I would highly recommend Janet as a broker whether buying or selling real estate.

Greg Otto


January 6, 2017

Janet Mitchell is a true real estate zealot!  As far as I can see, she is on the case 24-7! I'm not sure she sleeps, but if she does, she is dreaming of a way to sell your house.  She concentrates on details, studies all of the similar sales, and even reads the fine print.  She sold the house in a week with a back up buyer. The closing went with out a hitch.   
Thank you, Janet.    

Betty Severy


December 2016

I still very much appreciate you and your friendship through my huge transition with moving and the sale of my Aspen home. Your work is superb but you did more than that for me. 

Chris Hoofnagle


October 2016

If you are interested in buying, selling or investing in property, PLEASE call Janet Mitchell the professional Real Estate Broker in the Roaring Fork Valley. We first met Janet in 2011 when we bought out first home. Since that day we love doing business together with her. Like we always said, she is the best in the Valley-Efficient and Professional plus she works very hard at getting information and making calls and answering all of our questions.

Thank you very much!
Edgar and Keila Cuc

September 2016

Janet Mitchell recently helped us sell our home.   Her expertise in knowing what needed to be done to show our house in the best manner was outstanding.    She spent countless hours to make sure that everything was being done correctly from paperwork down to laying new carpet and painting the walls.  We were very impressed with her professionalism and honesty.   Without a doubt I would recommend Janet to anyone selling their home, and will certainly use her should we need a realtor in the future. 

We had two offers on our home the first day it was listed, in thanks greatly to Janet’s expertise.

Cindy and John Watkins
Carbondale, CO 


June 2016

Above and beyond doesn't even begin to describe Janet. She's absolutely a hero. Janet came through by following up every single detail until it was all complete. Plus, Janet stuck with a deal that took much longer than we ever expected with tenacity and grace. I would never hesitate to recommend Janet to anybody in the Roaring Fork Valley. Her attitude together with her knowledge of the Roaring Fork market make her unbeatable by anyone in the business. I'm happy to recommend her to anyone who needs her service. Anyone would be lucky to have her working for them. 

Chris Hoofnagle


June 2015

In August 2016, I found out my brother has listed his home 4 months ago in the Denver area to see if anything had happened and I thought of you. Of course he listed it too high and it has sat on the market all summer and has now just lowered the price. It made me realize that I was fortunate that you did not have me do that with my home and I sold it Immediately at full price in 2015!

Lisa Foley


June 2016

Janet Mitchell is an excellent real estate agent.
She worked long and effectively to complete our very
complicated home sale.  We enthusiastically recommend her.

Joe & Joan Martin


April, 2016

I have recently concluded my working relationship with Janet. My house had been on the market for over three years with an old friend and neighbor who was a real estate sales person. I was getting tired of paying taxes and utilities on the place and figured that it was time to switch to Janet, who has been in the business in the valley since the 1970s. She pointed out little things that could be upgraded to make the place more appealing to a potential buyer. That cost me a little over a thousand dollars but was positively worth it as the place sold within a couple of months following those upgrades. Janet handled the sale and closing very smoothly and efficiently and shipped me a couple of things I had left behind as I no longer live in Colorado. Most of the transaction was done by phone and email. There is a lot I miss about the Roaring Fork Valley but like my new situation as well and am happy to have finally sold my place there. Thank you Janet for the great service you provided me.

Clay Dennis
January 2015

I first met Janet in 2001 when I came looking at a home she had listed. I did not buy that home, but I was impressed with Janet Mitchell. So much so that when the time came to list our home for sale in 2014, Janet was the obvious choice. Janet is very straight forward and tells it like it is. She has a very thorough knowledge of the real estate market and fully understands the mechanics to make the sale happen. Plus she works very diligently. When we come back to Aspen someday (everyone does!), we know who we will be calling to help us find a place.

Dean Stahman
September 2014

I asked Janet to help me find a place to move into that met my needs. She was absolutely to the point and gave me great advice. I actually found the place but without her quick follow-up I may not have gotten it. She works hard and it pays off!

Monica Manning
June 2014

We bought and sold our home through Janet and couldn't have been happier after trying to deal with other real estate agencies in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Janet is professional and tireless when it comes to getting the job done; she is right to the point, doesn't play ridiculous games and she really has the clients best interest at heart.  Recently we moved back to the East Coast and have been trying to find the right agent to assist us in buying a new home for our family and it has been a nightmare.  Janet's passion and dedication to her career have left a lot to be desired in our current quest for a real- deal real estate professional.  Janet, won't you come to New Hampshire?  We could really use your expertise and knowledge!!  Thanks a million for being so wonderful to deal with.

Adam M.

May 2014

For the last 12 months, Janet was helping us find a 3 bedroom house located between Carbondale and Glenwood that fit our budget and location. Surprisingly we found it in the Blue Lake Subdivision and acted fast because she knew the market and we had to act quickly. The very last 2 months she worked very closely with our lender and listing broker and kept me updated on everything that was happening until the closing date.

Thank you.


March 2014 Miracle

In early December I contacted Janet to perform a nearly impossible task. My bother passed way in August. In November, I came to the valley to clear up his estate. His home was in rough condition with frozen pipes and was in ill repair and there were other conditions that complicated the sale of the home. Janet jumped right in. She formulated several different scenarios and began narrowing the possibilities. I should mention we never actually met and I’m in South Carolina, so all of this is taking place long distance and on Good Faith (TRUST). At all times I was aware of what was going right, what was going wrong, what I needed to do, and what Janet was doing. Let me say that on 3/4/14 the home sold for a good price for the estate, but for Janet I’m sure it was the smallest commission in many years. I mention this because I can’t imagine anyone could have done it faster or for that matter at all. On the selling side of a deal, Janet is the only realtor I would recommend (out of 6 sales in my life). She is a can do, figure it out go getter, not an order taker. If you’re buying or selling a home, I would advise you to contact Janet. You’ll feel the energy and she will deliver RESULTS!
Thanks Janet

Buck Boyer for my brother Tim Boyer

January 2014

I found Janet to be very diligent, efficient and straight to the point when it came to selling our property. She knows how to complete the sale from beginning to end!

Barbara Wickes

October 2013

We love you! We appreciated all the help you gave us when we bought our home. She is efficient, patient and always answered our questions. Janet is a professional in her business. She helped us buy our first home and buy our most recent home. She is always there when we need her. If you are looking to list or sell your property, please call Janet Mitchell as she makes the impossible possible.

Thank you.

Edgar and Keila Cuc


September 2013 

Janet goes above and beyond on customer service for her real estate clients. We were very satisfied and completely happy with Janet's performance. Janet understands real estate needs for clients and works very hard to get the job done. Thank you Janet!

Bart & Cindy Jewell


September 2013

Janet made a very difficult sale move as smoothly as I could've hoped for. The transaction was complicated by the fact that I live out of state. Janet went far above and beyond in getting everything together and helping to coordinate between the various parties. Furthermore, the property had been listed for sale on and off with another broker for quite some time, without even a "nibble" in months. Miraculously, I listed it with Janet and she was able to generate interest and various potential buyers in a short time. In other words, a run-of-the-mill broker could not have accomplished what Janet was able to do. Were it not for such outstanding and dedicated assistance, I'm not sure what I would have done. Whoever is reading this... you're in the right place. Janet is THE broker for the valley, so look no further.
Nathaniel Fisher
September 2013 

Thanks Janet for all your help, it was great working with you. Everything was handled in a very professional manner - and a smile. Thanks again.

Mark Diekmann

April 2013 

We know that our transaction was fraught with more than unbelievable and nearly impossible circumstances. Thank you Janet for your patience, diligence, and professionalism in the face of extremely negative market conditions and economic odds!  We greatly appreciate the fact that you persevered to avail our sale!

Robert and Clara Smith


April 2013

Janet has been my Realtor through several closings, and she was the right choice every time. Janet possesses a combination of experience, knowledge, resources and tenacity that guarantees results! Whether I’m a buyer or a seller, I trust Janet to manage every aspect of the process from start to finish, truly going above and beyond at every step. Thanks so much for your hard work and perseverance! You hung in there with me through several tough times and it paid off and I can’t tell you enough how much it means to me that you brought in such a great resource (Tom) and even paid the per diem out of pocket when closing was delayed. Of course, I will be looking for opportunities to send you referrals.

John Rushing

March 2013

Janet was an amazing and relentless force for us during our most recent real estate transaction. We purchased a home that was under foreclosure, apparently these can be difficult and for a variety of reasons, ours was exceptionally challenging. Janet's experience, research and contacts were tremendously helpful. She is incredibly driven and remained positive and very energetic throughout a prolonged ordeal. We would not hesitate to recommend Janet or use her again. Many thanks to Janet Mitchell. She truly is a very valuable asset in today's highly competitive realty world.

Dan and Charlene Guggenheim
October 2012

I was in the market for my first home and happened to email Janet Mitchell on a house she had listed. She immediately gave me contacts for lenders and took a lot of time explaining the home buying process. We came very close to purchasing one very unique property that she had spent dozens of hours researching for us, only for us to change our minds. She stayed with us for a year until we found our dream property. She is an unstoppable force and will take the time to get you answers, documents, contacts and anything else you could ever think of. She seems to work around the clock and will do whatever it takes to get you the answers you need to make the best decision possible. She is the most dedicated, caring and hard working person I've ever met. She pays attention to details and always helps you to see the bright side of any challenge you may run into. We are glad she was a part of this great life experience with us! Thank you Janet!

Michelle Dabrowski
Glenwood Springs, CO

June 2012

Want worry free real estate transactions?  Choose Janet Mitchell!  I think she must work 24/7 as every single time I had questions for her, the response was almost instantaneous.  With her many years in real estate, she can tell you exactly what your property needs to make it attractive to a buyer, and quickly comprehends what you want in a property so you don't waste time looking at places that do not suit you.  Her attention to details is amazing and she thrives helping people complete the entire process that life changes like moving can bring. I expect intelligence, efficiency and humor in the professionals I work with; she has them all. 

Tanis Pettit

March 2012

Janet Mitchell is by far the best real estate agent I have ever used and I have bought and sold 5 personal homes as well as several investments. She was so efficent. Janet listed my home in Glenwood Springs on a Friday Afternoon and found a buyer the next day! She handled everything from start to finish. One of the things I like best about Janet was "no surprises." She outlined everything just the way it was, told me all the costs involved, etc. She is the best!"

Mary Schilhab
November 2011

Janet is very well acquainted with all the necessary information and procedures in order to sell property. It takes great patience and experience to be patient in this market. We moved out of state and she handled the long distance relationship well. She also kept us well informed. I feel qualified to give Janet my strong recommendation.

Nettie Heinz
November 2011

Do you need to sell your home? Do you want someone who won’t give up? Then Janet is your person. Janet is very educated in what she does AND she doesn’t give up.She bent over backwards to get our deal done. Stevan and I will be forever grateful for everything she did for us.I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to get their home sold.

Marie and Stevan Rodriguez
November 2011

Janet, you are as diligent as any broker I have ever had the good fortune to work with. I look forward to one day meeting you. I sure wish all my brokers were as professional and as attentive as you are. You set a great example to our profession and to the public! I really wish you were with our company!!!!

Craig R. Rathbun
President/Managing Partner
The Fleisher Company
Carbondale, CO
October 2011

Janet did a great job in selling my home. She handled all of the details and there were no problems at closing. I would recommend her to my friends.

Jeff Gillman

October 2011

Janet Mitchell is the hardest-working person I know. She earned my trust and admiration as she stood by me through the highs and lows of the real estate market over the last few years while I was searching for a specific type of property. After looking at many, Janet found the perfect one for me, and I am extremely happy – with the property and with Janet. It would not have happened without her perseverance, patience, and professionalism. Thank you, Janet!

Ellen Anderson
May 2011

You are so through…thank you again for keeping us all on the right page at the right time.

Tania and William Clark

March 2011

When my wife and I decided to sell our home, we never thought about calling anyone else other than Janet who had originally sold us our home.  We listed our home with her and the next day she called to tell us she had a buyer for our home. I knew she was good but this time she surpassed all of our expectations. Because of the current economy, we had expected to wait a long time to sell. We closed March first and she handled the closing in a very fast, efficient and very professional manner.

Gary and Barbara Oliver

January 2011

Thank you for listing and selling my home so quickly. You accomplished so much for me so that I was able to move on with my life.

Roslyn Hamby


January 2011

Janet Mitchell is the best real estate agent a buyer could have.
I'm a real estate agent in another state so my expectations are high.  Janet exceeded my expectations.  She does what she says she will do, quickly and accurately.  She anticipates what you may ask for and delivers before you ask for it. She is more about finding  the right property for you than "selling" you a property. She works tirelessly and at all hours (literally) on your behalf.
As far as I'm concerned there isn't a better agent in the area (and I have worked with quite a few).
If you want the best agent who will work tirelessly on your behalf then you want Janet.  If you want an agent after the deal has closed then you want Janet.  Janet's expertise, knowledge and friendship does not end after you close on your property.  Her work effort is exemplary and her professionalism is without question.
Dr. Michael and Carol Hinderstein


October 2010
Thank you so much for all your hard work as our Realtor in our recent home purchase! With favorable home prices and mortgage rates, we found that we could finally purchase the perfect home for our family. Our financing situation was challenging, and you were right there for us from our initial offer until closing; patiently working with us and helping us along the way. Your resolve and commitment were instrumental to a successful closing on our wonderful new home. We will be happy to recommend you to all of our friends and family.

Best wishes,
John and Caprice Rushing
September 2010
WOW, what can I say. Thank you for all the information. You are, by far, the most thorough realtor I've ever worked with.

Jesse Biter

April 2010
When it was time to buy, I was referred to Janet by a mutual friend who was a past customer of Janet’s. After explaining what I was looking for, she searched for properties that fit my needs and researched every detail of the property to the last detail. I took advantage of the First Time Homeowner’s Credit which was ending and I used an FHA loan whose terms were increasing both of which were time sensitive. Janet made sure that I was within the time frames of both the Homeowner’s Credit and the FHA loan. Janet provides a high level of service and goes above and beyond what other realtors do to get the job done. I strongly recommend using Janet Mitchell as a realtor in the know for both buyers and sellers.

Rick Faragher
May 2010
Thank you so much for all of your efforts in getting the sale closed! I think everyone is thrilled. As always, your efficiency is unmatched in this business. Best of luck to you!

Joanne Haggarty
Basalt Realty

May 2010
I was very pleased at the amount of work Janet did on our very rushed attempt to buy a house. We were a group of home owners trying to buy something as an HOA. Not an easy thing to do and not easy for a realtor. Janet went way beyond what most realtors would have done.

Linda Hayes
Llama Linda Ranch
Llamas For The Fun Of It!

May 7, 2010
Dear Janet,

Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of our HOA in helping with our attempt to purchase adjoining property. The transaction was extremely complex with a very short time frame. You spent an enormous amount of time on this. Thank you.

This is the reason that you have been my realtor of choice for so many years.

Don Reinarz
Janet Mitchell's energy and enthusiasm for her work made my real estate transaction as quick and easy as possible in these tough economic times.

I was very nervous about selling my home, Janet's immediate attention to my transaction set my mind at ease. Janet offered solutions from the beginning. I felt confident through the entire process that she would notice and take action on any detail that I had missed. I have already recommended Janet to friends in the Roaring Fork Valley.
Heidi McCullough, Carbondale, Colorado (11/2009)


I have been an Aspen realtor for almost twenty years and I want to thank you for the time and teaching experience you gave me when I first started real estate.  You were completely unselfish with you time and expertise.  Although I'm not sure that you would remember this, you took the time to walk me over to the courthouse, personally introduce me to the tax assessor and recorder at the time, show me how to accurately and systematically research my business, help me with my first contracts, and you were not even the owner of the brokerage company - YOU CARED AND WANTED TO DO THINGS RIGHT. . . a trait that is unique to you.  I have since personally sold and listed properties in the $15,000,000 range.  In retrospect, I think that the foundation you gave me twenty years ago helped to make those deals happen. My warmest personal regards to you, Janet.    Sandye Whitaker, The Whitaker Group, Ltd., Aspen , Colorado