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(Woody Creek - Located about 9 miles down valley from Aspen)
3 Aspen Village

3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 1,015 sf + 58x11 mudroom | 3,433sf lot

Only about 9 miles from Aspen! Open concept floor plan. Laminate flooring and vaulted ceilings throughout. Ceramic tile flooring in mud room. Central air conditioning.

Home offers stainless steel kitchen appliances, washer, dryer all upgraded in 2018, 2 ceiling fans, window coverings and 2 storage sheds.

Natural Gas: Black Hills Energy fka Source Gas (800-563-0012)
High - $131 Approx.

Electric: Holy Cross Energy (970-945-5491)
High - $140 Approx.

2019 Taxes - $4,055.36

MLS#: 164123

No dogs allowed. Cats allowed. Renting of the home only allowed for a short period of time if the home is actively listed for sale. Roommates allowed. Property is Deed Restricted by Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority (ACPHA) to Resident Occupied (RO). Buyer must have worked in the Roaring Fork Valley for a minimum of 1 year and work a minimum of 1,500 hrs. /year. However, if property has been for sale for a while, the 1 year work requirement is waived as long as buyer has some work history in the valley or pending employment. There is no price restriction on the sale of the property-it is free market.
Kitchen to Dining Area
Kitchen to Living Room
Living Room
Living Room
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Back Bedroom
Middle Bedroom
Hall Bathroom
Front of Home
View from Across the Street
View from Across the Street
View from Deck
View from Home to Deck
No dogs allowed. Cats allowed. Roommates allowed. Renting of the home only allowed if home is actively listed for sale. There is a vehicle storage area. There are no HOA dues. 1. A Metro District was set up as of January 1, 2005. A Metro District allows lower interest loans to be made available for infrastructure improvements. In April 2006, Aspen Village Metro District (AVM) operates completed independently from Aspen Village Homeowner’s Association (HOA). Think of the Metro District as operating all the public/common areas in Aspen Village ( like road, the recreations center including the pool, water and sewer mains, the storage lot, etc.) an the HOA oversees all the private property within Aspen Village (homes, yards, private driveways, etc.) the Metro District is a special Colorado government, regulated by Colorado Revised Statues and the State of Colorado Division of Local Governments, and uses the Rules and Regulations to govern. The Metro District, like all special districts in Colorado, is a representational form of government and has an elected Board of Directors who is entrusted by the voters to operate the District. The HOA is a private association, also with an elected Board of Directors, that is regulated by Colorado Revised Statues and CIOA. The HOA governs itself with Covenants, which can only be changed by the homeowners. The District Rules and Regulations can be changed only by a majority vote of Board members, and only at publicly held District Board of Directors meetings. The property tax bill increases when the mill levy increases due to the District mill levy. Your property taxes are tax deductible with the IRS , while HOA Assessments are not. The Aspen Village Metro District was formed in 2003 by a majority vote of the residents in Aspen Village. The reasons for its formation were many, but one of the primary reasons is to develop a capital reserve for the future replacement of the water and sewer system. Colorado Special Districts are eligible for grants, matching grants and low interest loans from the state and the feds in a way that the HOA is not. It was felt that forming a District would benefit all the residents in the long term. 2. All potential buyers must be approved by Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority (APCHA), 920-5050, as a working resident in the Valley as part of purchase requirements. Buyer must work a minimum of 1,500 hours/year in the Roaring Fork Valley. There are exceptions for retired persons. Aspen Village is Deed Restricted to Resident Occupied (RO) by APCHA and must be occupied by an owner and cannot be purchased for rental purposes. There is no restriction on sale price.